Upcoming Happening at St. Peter’s!

Dear St. Peter’s Church Family,
Each of you have been on my heart and in my prayers as we continue to take care of the health of our community.  Below you’ll find worship materials as we worship from home on Sunday, and other updates!
                          Third Sunday of Lent Sermon    
                          Fourth Sunday of Lent Sermon
I will be meeting with Council on April 1st to determine the location and format for our Holy Week services (Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday).   Stay tuned for more details!  
Our Trustees have done an amazing job of keeping our ceiling repairs moving forward!  The scaffolding was put up last week, the old ceiling was brought down this week and the new sheetrock will begin on Friday. It has been amazing to witness the transformation of our worship space and what a joy it will be to return to our beloved sanctuary!
I am so grateful to be able to stay in touch with you through various means – telephone calls, email and snail mail.  If you have any prayer needs or pastoral care concerns, don’t hesitate to call/email me OR if you just want to chat, I am here!
I am working with our Deacons to make regular contact with congregants,   but you are also encouraged to make regular phone calls/emails to friends, neighbors and members of our church family.  This kind of person-to-person communication makes a big difference!
We continue to have our food pantry collection baskets in the narthex and we invite anyone who is able to continue to offer donations of food and paper goods. 
Also, if you or someone you know needs help picking up groceries/medicine/prescriptions, etc, please let me know and I will coordinate with our Deacons.  If you are healthy and able to make those deliveries for others, let me know also. 
My contact info:
May God continue to draw our hearts together in loving prayer!
Blessings and peace,
Rev. Lynn Horan