We have had a wonderful year – full of vibrant worship, brave witness, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, and binding up the brokenhearted. We have studied our complex relationship with food and the environment through the lens of faith. We have supported one another through times of great loss, and welcomed new saints into our midst. We have tried new things, reclaimed some of the old things we lost along the way, and made bold plans for the future.  We want to have many more years like this one. Please join with this church family to prepare for another year that will bring joy, sadness, surprise and transformation and that will yield opportunities to serve God in ways we have not yet imagined!

As faithful stewards of the ministry and mission we share, we continue to seek ways to live generously in Christ. We invite you to join with all the saints at St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church in stewardship, as together we affirm what it means to live gratefully and generously by investing in the work of this congregation and making a financial pledge.  When people pledge, the church council can estimate how much money we will have and so can decide what we must spend and where we can dream.

Each of us has our own giving stories – some we remember from the examples of those who taught us to be generous.  Some come from our present situations – stories about the joy and satisfaction that giving provides.  Some stories are still growing, rooted in our hopes for the future and our trust in the Lord to provide the means to go there. Giving stories are an important part of our spiritual journey. We have heard some and will continue to share and show how the ministry of St. Peter’s demonstrates God’s love and leads to changed lives. The stories of our shared life and witness grow out of God’s love in Christ – the rich ground from which new life arises. As we make pledges to the mission of the church that sustains us and sends us out as peacemakers and vessels of God’s love, we respond with gratitude to the stories that have shaped us and we step out boldly into new stories yet to be written. When we share our commitment and financial support, we act on the imagination of Jesus, who sees enough bread to go around, enough courage to speak the truth, and enough love to overcome all things.

Your pledge to St. Peter’s, along with your time and talents, will help shape the future of our shared ministry and empower our service to our community and world. So please ask yourselves prayerfully, “What percentage can I give / what will I give.” Your tax deductible donation can be sent to St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church, PO Box 14, Spencertown, NY 12165. Thank you.