Staff Parish Relations Team

The purpose of the Staff-Parish Relations Team is to provide an orderly, focused and considerate means for the church council to build a healthy environment for shared work and community-building.

Their responsibilities include:
  • drafting current job descriptions, reviewing compensation, conducting periodic performance reviews, and working with Pastor and Staff on emergent personnel issues.
  • surveying the needs and opinions of the church and community both informally and using formal survey tools.
  • providing a forum for discussion and brainstorming and facilitating collaboration between community members, towards the accomplishment of stated goals.
  • recommending personnel policies to the session.
  • acting as a support group for the pastor and other members of the staff.
  • maintaining sensitivity and confidentiality on personnel-related issues.

The SPRT consists of no fewer than 3 members, at least one of whom must be an actively serving Ruling Elder.  In addition to these three, the pastor serves as an ex-officio member, with voice but without vote.  The make up of the team is reviewed on an annual basis.   This team meets at least quarterly.